SYRG/D*UGN monthly meet.

Yes folks its that time again. The first Thursday of every month come rain or shine, fireworks, flames, hell or high water the regulars will be at the Three Horseshoes in Brierley from lets say 7:30pm.

We shall be bringing along an icom  880 for people to have a touchy feely session.

Three Horse Shoes in Brierley from 19:30 Thursday 4th Feb 2010.

Here are a few photo’s from Ernie s recent trip to Friedrichshafen.

We are sure he’ll have a whole hard disk full of them for all to look at, if bikes are your thing. If you are more into history (which looking at some of these photos you might well be!!!), our friend at Brierley Village has for years run a great site of local interest.

The BRIERLEY VILLAGE WEBSITE is good way to spend your coffee break finding out about the area in which GB7YD is situated.

Look forward to seeing faces old and new for a very informal meeting.

just in case you missed it EVERYONE – happy birthday TonyK!!!J

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