Thanks for your support at the GNHF


2009 Great Northern Ham Fest

Wow, I don’t know about you but we are early to bed tonight.

It was a 6:30am rainy and cold start at the Metrodome for the 19th Great Northern Ham Fest. Luckily the terrible weather in Barnsley didn’t stop the crowds turning up and enjoying the rally atmosphere.

By 10am Traders had filled up all the tables ready for the 11am start and we had plenty of dedicated radio enthusiasts from far a field through the doors.

Overall a good day was had by all. Plenty of bargains, plenty of chit-chat and a bit of radio ham banter and action mixed in too.  That’s how we like it in Barnsley  😉 After 19 years, we wouldn’t do it any other way. It was really good to see you there.

Thanks too to everyone who made use of the whinge-o-tron machine, ( soon available on-line) . Set-up to anonymously record all your comments about the Group and it’s repeaters. Data is being analysed right now with the comments on the Future Of GB3YR post to sum it all up once and for all.

A front page announcement is due this week on the future of GB3YR. Keep checking the web site for the latest announcements by the group.

Next year is the 20th Great Northern Ham Fest and we promise you it’s going to be a stonker! Details of this will be announced on the SYRG web site as we’ve done with the 19th Ham Fest.

If you did not make it this year, we look forward to you making it next year. Catch up on the Ham Fest in our gallery and see what you missed. Photographs of the event are to be published soon.

Thanks for your support at the 19th GNFH. Did you enjoy the Ham Fest this Year?

Your comments as always are appreciated and are published below. Over to you.

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2 comments on “Thanks for your support at the GNHF
  1. Tony K says:

    Thanks. I reely enjoyed this years rally. Picked up quite a few things I needed. Hope to see you next year.


  2. Ernie G4LUE says:

    Hi Tony pleased you enjoyed the rally please note next years rally will be on Sunday the 26 September 2010.

    There is 3 weeks of dart matches and other things going on at the metrodome next November so we either pay 3K for the hall or work with the managment

    Ernie g4LUE

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