The New QRZ Logbook and Operating Awards

QRZ  announce two major developments in its evolution.

After many months of program and systems development, QRZ will shortly make available an online Logbook that will be accessible by all of its Ham users. In addition, they are announcing today that QRZ will begin issuing operating awards and certificates for all classes of on-air activities with direct coupling to their online Logbook and Callsign Database.

These new features will become available to the general public in just a few weeks after the completion of a test and evaluation period. QRZ are looking for volunteers to assist with the initial trials.

The QRZ Logbook
The QRZ logbook is fully integrated into the QRZ system. Every callsign in the database has its own log and all QRZ members may make log entries, as well as approve incoming reports. When an incoming contact report is confirmed, it becomes eligible for operating awards credit. The Logbook system will be available to all Ham members, with or without a subscription. Subscribers, however, will receive additional capabilities including extended details, wildcard searches, uploads, downloads, enhanced editing, and awards eligibility tracking.

Having had a quick look around the software and must say it looks clean and tidy easy to use and well planned. When you look up a call sign you can see their log book as well. Another tool from QRZ makes for interesting use and more facilities to the already excellent and informative site for hams.

Don’t take our word for it, have a look for yourself and test it out it costs nothing (FREE) for the basic module anyway. Well done

We can’t wait till goes live. I for one am  logged to all time see more here

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