The ProHam™ Repeater Controller

ProHam Rear Pic Frame

The ProHam™ Repeater Controller delivers a new level of capability to cost-conscious Clubs and individual repeater operators.

The ProHam is the first controller that can operate in both Analog and D-STAR® mode with full capacities and options. Making a single investment can provide advanced digital capabilities but still support legacy operations. Use your repeater, replace your existing controller, and get D-STAR as well as a huge range of features not available in any other controller.
But that’s just the beginning of what the ProHam Controller can do. With its built-in IP connectivity, several ProHam units can be connected forming a larger network or connect with other established networks.
Advanced features and options such as Receiver Voting and Transmitter Simulcast can be added at an affordable price. The ProHam allows individual units, systems or sites to work independently, in groups, or all together based on programming or on demand using DTMF commands.
The ProHam™ Controller is a member of the ERCS family of products from Newfield Design Inc., and shares many of the same design features of the hardened ERCS products used in the Public Safety, Critical Infrastructure and Commercial systems.
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