Time running-out to work GB50ATG

May and June 2010 see last chance to work GB50ATG.

GB50ATG is the Golden Jubilee station representing the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group, BARTG.

In 1959 the first two UK amateurs to use RTTY on the HF bands, Arthur “Doc” Gee, G2UK and Bill Brennan, G3CQE, formed BARTG.

In those days it was known as the British Amateur Radio Teletype Group, but the name later had to change to Teledata due to a copyright problem. The mode exploded and last year they celebrated their 50th year, a record which they were very proud to publicise and commemorate with a special award. Unfortunately the two founder members are both SK now but their original efforts are much appreciated by thousands of amateurs.

BARTG now encompasses all data modes and long gone are the nostalgic days of oily machinery, paper spewed out all over the shack and noise, sometimes unbearable after a 24 hour contest. These have been replaced with computer based equipment. However, the distinctive sound of “jingle bells” will never change and is now more popular than ever, and still the most prevalent of the data modes.

For both May and June the station will be operated by Arthur Bard, G1XKZ. Arthur intends to be very active during the last two months so listen out for him on all HF bands. Arthur will try to use both RTTY and PSK for those that would like contacts on both modes.

Special QSL cards will be available and also plaques and certificates for reaching certain targets.

The special call will cease operations on 30th June 2010.

More information can be found on the BARTG website http://www.bartg.org.uk/gb50atg.asp

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