TV series invites amateur radio enthusiasts

RSGB News reports that the producers of a forthcoming TV series are inviting amateur radio enthusiasts and others to take part.

As published on SouthgateARC which brought a smile to our faces here at SYRG

“The show revolves around a souped-up double decker bus which is touring cities around Britain. Producers are looking for single people aged between 18 and 30 to take part and are particularly keen to hear from people with any sort of talent to show off. Described as a sort of Blind Date on a bus, you can get more information by emailing dating<at> or by calling 0207 324 0744”.

Oh imagine a bus full of amateurs YIPPEE what a revelation. Not such a great idea we thinks?

Further investigation reveals no grounding to the story whatsoever and that they are no more looking for radio hams than they are single badgers.

Many thanks to fiveTV and RSGB for a great publicity stunt 😉

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