What is a virtual mobile network?

A mobile network operator is a telephone company that provides services for mobile phone users.  Such services include allowing their customers to make voice and videos calls, send SMS message and MMS messages and access the internet.

The difference between a virtual network operator and and regular mobile network is that a mobile virtual network operator does not have its own licensed frequency allocation of radio spectrum.

Virtual mobile networks mean cheaper calls, free sms & internet for the mobile user whilst utilising current mobile network infrastructures.

The emergence of virtual networks in a market is a result of one of two factors. Regulatory intervention designed to lower the barriers for market entry and ultimately increase competition, or a strategic decision by an existing operator looking to extend its existing operations and target niche or undeserved segments through a second or perhaps multiple brands.

The efficiency is obtained by the nature of the business model, in that virtual networks don’t incur significant capital expenditure on spectrum and infrastructure.  Furthermore, many mobile network operators believe that there is merit in operating a virtual network, to complement their retail model.

Some examples of virtual mobile networks are Asda Mobile, Tesco Mobile, Family Mobile, Lebara Mobile and GiffGaff.

We particulary like the way GiffGaff brings a whole new way we think about mobile networks.

Why not try giffgaff yourself and see how good they are?

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