When Dinosaurs Meet

Meeting during July 2015A good discussion was had amongst the dinosaurs over a winsy pintette, with, from left to right, Peter M6EEZ, Jeff 2E0VYV hidden from view, Graham G8POK giving directions with his hands, Mark G1ANI who incidentally isn’t picking his nose followed by Ernie G4LUE. Out of view was Chris G0URG with Krystyna 2E0KSH taking the picture.

Several issues were discussed including repair of GB3HF, no issues were found with NA or SY, although it was noted IRLP on NA would be reconsidered as a re-addition. We do need to attract some more memberships to help with the running costs of what are free to use repeaters. The dinosaurs will not always be here, they are not getting any younger, and new fresh blood is required to help keep the SYRG going well into the future.

GB7YD remains off air whilst the farmer where the repeater cabinets are located is being refurbished. We are waiting for building work to be completed before we can put the repeater back on line. This is good a good opportunity for the group  to bring the systems bang up to date with a refurb… So far it’s all looking good! Come and join us next month!

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