YD internet Link

Hopefully today internet connectivity has been resolved at GB7YD indefinitely.

TonyK says “that 2E0BLF has been poncing around with the POE’s for ages now and I for one am fed-up of watching the GB7YD cam linked to nothing.”

Look at the picture above of all the rubbish I pulled out of his loft.

His missus didn’t even know we’d been there, but she will when that Kipper I dropped behind the boiler starts to stink!

Look forward to GB7YD staying connected now.

Thanks to everyone for your patience whilst this issue has been addressed

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2 comments on “YD internet Link
  1. 2E0BLF says:

    Houston I think we still have a problem.

  2. 2E0VYV says:

    Well…what more can be done?
    From repeater site we can hit both Access Points. From 2E0BLF’s QTH we can now hit both.
    Both can be pinged with no packet loss repeater site side.

    However the same cannot be said BLF side.
    All my installation has been tested, tested and re-tested.
    The only link left in the chain is the cable from the AP to the loft.

    WE require some long ladders and a roof ladder OR better still someone who is not scared of heights (unlike me)…..so we can exchange the cable that links the loft to the AP[came from a skip] with some nice new cat6.

    Have fun linking whilst it holds.


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